• How can I become an active supporter of bisexuality?

    With the development of society, more and more bisexuals want to experience some real bisexual life, instead of saying that: yes, I am bisexual. Especially those men or women who are already married. They are eager to live a bisexual life while maintaining their current marital status. Many men or women know or start to suspect that their other half is bisexual, they feel a special panic, even a little fear, do not know what to do, feel very worried about their marriage, and even doubt themselves will be infected with AIDS. All these suspicions and fantasies are normal, for a person who has never recognized or dismissed bisexuality. What should I do? Accept, Reject, Divorce?

    1. Accepting that she is bisexual is the best gift.

    If you love your other half, you can ask yourself first, can you accept that she (he) is bisexual? People’s misunderstandings and ridicules have led to the breakdown of many bisexual marriages. Accepting her (him) being bisexual, is the best love for her(him). Giving up on the common misunderstandings and stereotypes of bisexuality. Understand bisexuality, accept bisexuality from the bottom of your heart.

    2. Encourage him/her to tell the person he/she wants to tell.

    Don't go out and publicize that he/she is bisexual, even your best relatives and friends, before you have obtained his/her consent. If he doesn't want to tell other popular, don't force him, respecting privacy is very important. Not that he is not willing to say it, he may just be waiting for the right time.

    3. Go with her to get in touch with more bisexual friends.

    If a person doesn't have a group of friends around, they will be very lonely. They need to vent, release, and a relaxed environment. You can go with her to participate in some bisexual activities and meet bisexual friends. This way she can get more support and help from bisexual friends.

    4. Don't treat him special.

    Bisexuality is also a normal human being, they don't need special treatment, your special care may make him feel very disgusted. Don’t get annoyed at him if you catch him watching gay porn or others. If he wants to do anything pride related then show support.

    5. Accept the fact that she not only loves you alone.

    Many bisexuals are or expect to have a three-person experience, When they have this idea, don't be surprised, don't stop it. This is a normal phenomenon. If you like, you can get involved. 2019 is the proud year of bisexuality, Sincerely hope that every bisexual can achieve the happiness and fun that we want. Happy 20BiTeen. I hope we are no longer alone.

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